Mobile Application for Windows Phone Developped for a scholar project based on a challenge : Nokia Imaging.




This work is licensed under a Creative Commons LicenseCreative Commons Attribution-SharedAlike 4.0 International License


This app has been developped for a challenge organized by Nokia in the IT school Exia.CESI. The main goal of this app is to mae use of their Imaging SDK. The development is made for Windows Phone 8.


This app Windows Phone 8 is design to use the ability of the camera of the Nokia Lumia 1020. We have chosen to focus on the community of riders, skaters, snowboarders... The main concept is to offer to this community a new tool so that they can take styled photography with their phone and share it without any knowledge in image manipulation.



BurstMode example

This mode allows to take several pictures, cut them and put them side by side to obtain a decomposition of the movement. The user can set up the width of the selected zone and the number of pictures he wants. Photos are converted to stream and kept until the end of the capture phase, then after the treatment the result is saved on the phone.


GhostMode example

This mode takes several picture and put them one over the other and apply a different value of transparency. The pictures are treated pixel by pixel, and we keep the average value of the pixel with the different value of the transparency.


Editor example

This mode allows to modify the photos by turning it or cropping it.


This project has been made in a scholar context. We have decided to set it Open Source so that it can be improved. We had several ideas

The architecture is ready to add module. Just add your directory and your classes, and set tools.PluginEnum boolean to true and it will be added to the application.


Using the Nokia Imaging we wanted to add a filter features so that the user can apply filter on his pictures.


This mode is based on a video. It detects an object on the video and draws colors on the different places where the object has been.


Panel where the user can put several image where he wants to create a new image.


This mode allows the user to share his new pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...