Scholar project used to improve our skills on our own field of study.


Skilldr Project

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Skilldr is a school project done by the team TotoAndCo. The goal of the project was to improve one of our skills. Each member of the team has chosen a subject based on their affinity. We decided to define a subject to apply our skills to a concrete project. That's how Skilldr went to life. Skilldr is a WebApplication. A user can come and enter its skills. Those skills are evaluated based on the duration and the type of the experience (internship, job, training...). Then the user can compare their profile and skills to the average level of all users of the application. This comparison will be presented in the form of a radar chart.


Our goal was to create an open source software so that users can evaluate themselves. Then we wanted to improve the application to provide a human resources dimension. Companies would be able to install their own instance of the software to use it as a tool. For instance for annual appraisal for example.



  • Java EE (RestEasy, EJB 3, Hibernate)
  • HTML5, CSS3 in Single Page Application
  • Testing: JUnit, Arquillian on Remote JBoss AS 7

Feel free to get the code and continue the development